Credit: Hannah Kaminsky

The Nugget “Rebellyion” Comes to School Lunches in Northern California

August 20, 2020 | San Ramon, Calif. –  Seattle plant-based meat start-up Rebellyous Foods announced today that it’s partnering with San Ramon Valley Unified School District to bring its protein-rich plant-based nuggets to the school lunch program.

Rebellyous’ Kickin’ Nuggets are vegan with no cholesterol, antibiotics, or hormones, and less saturated fat and sodium than chicken nuggets and meet the USDA standards for the National School Lunch Program. While classes at SRVUSD will be conducted online for the fall, SRVUSD’s Director of Child Nutrition and Warehouse, Miguel Villarreal is committed to serving eco-friendly products like Rebellyous’ nuggets in spite of the current challenges.The nuggets will be packaged and sent home for families to prepare and enjoy. 

“Providing our schoolkids healthier options that are good for the planet shouldn’t be hard. In fact, it should be the standard,” said Villarreal. “We’re excited to partner with Rebellyous to bring these options to students in our community.” 

Every day in school cafeterias across the nation, foodservice teams are asked to do the impossible. With limited resources, schools are tasked with serving extremely inexpensive, but still delicious and nutritionally complete meals to picky students. The Kickin’ Nugget is just as easy to prepare as its chicken-based counterpart and offers many nutritional benefits of plant-based protein.  

“We’re thrilled to work with SRVUSD to be the first school district in the nation to offer the Rebellyous Kickin’ Nugget,” said Christie Lagally, CEO and founder of Rebellyous Foods. “Together we’re raising the bar for cafeteria food, one lunch tray at a time.”

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