Rebellyous Foods is an innovative food production company creating delicious, affordable plant-based meats for the foodservice industry. Rebellyous Foods implements unique food manufacturing methods in large scale production to produce affordable plant-based meat at high volumes. We have achieved this through the custom design of our low-cost, high-quality products in combination with the use of high-throughput manufacturing automation, the development of new, low-energy manufacturing tools, and the design of modular production facilities operated by Rebellyous Foods.

Leading-Edge Manufacturing

With current plant-based meat products at two-to-five times the cost per pound of animal-based meat, plant-based meat will only truly become widely available when it can be produced and sold at a low cost. Rebellyous Foods is utilizing leading-edge manufacturing methods at scale through R&D with universities, a planned pilot-scale facility in the Puget Sound, and a production facility in Seattle. Working closely with industry partners, Rebellyous Foods equips our facilities with redesigned and optimized equipment for large scale production of plant-based meat.

Growth in Scale

With US and global meat production now at an all-time high at well over 100 billion pounds of meat per year, it is necessary for plant-based meat production to grow in scale, not just variety.

Rebellyous Foods is poised to immediately replace highly popular products such as chicken nuggets , patties, and tenders. But we are also creating and standardizing the replicable equipment and factories to enable growth of a competitive plant-based meat production industry more broadly.

Rebellyous Beginning

Rebellyous Foods was founded by Christie Lagally, who now serves as the CEO. Lagally is a mechanical engineer with 15 years of engineering experience and holds five patents in manufacturing technology. Lagally spent much of her career in the aerospace industry working on commercial airplanes and spacecraft.

Rebellyous Foods is incorporated in Delaware as Seattle Food Tech, Inc. and licensed to operate in Seattle, King County, and Washington State.

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